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The Practice
We are an Architecture practice based in Bangalore with over a decade of experience in the industry and have won several awards for our work. Our Principal Architect has worked with the world renowned architect Zaha Hadid. Vivek Shankar Architects strives to keep abreast with the socio-cultural trends that impact living patterns and urban environments.
The practice consciously adopts a process ruled by geometric strategies and material compositions that result in subversion of the conventional mode of perceiving a structure or space. As a practice we formulate processes to ensure flawless execution of design.
Global DNA
Vivek worked with the internationally renowned architect Zaha Hadid. His first exposure to Zaha was during his Masters degree at the prestigious AA School of Architecture in London. Vivek has worked on projects across Europe while working with Zaha Hadid Architects.
Global Standards
With this foundational exposure, Vivek returned to India and setup his practice by consciously challenging the role of the Architect in the Indian context and the difference his practice can make to a client and the end user. His approach got him design commissions which had a high potential to explore. Vivek Shankar Architects follows a structured systems and process towards design and executing projects.
Local Context Advantage
Vivek Shankar Architects has skills and competencies to achieve Global standards in a developing country. Vivek Shankar Architects has the understanding of social practices and design requirement in a multi-cultural society. Our in depth understanding of construction practices enables the contractor to build spaces matching the design intent.
Last Mile Design Management
Vivek’s driving principle is the last mile craftsmanship that is needed to transform an architectural concept into finely crafted materials and finishes. We audit all projects against global standards using the most up-to-date project management tools. We play a key role throughout the design and construction phases, from programming, change control, procurement to document control and risk management.
Origin Story
Principal Architect of Vivek Shankar Architects, graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from BMS College of Engineering in Bangalore. He pursued his Master’s degree (M.Arch) – Design Research Lab from the AA School of Architecture in London.
Upon completion of his Master’s Degree, Vivek was employed with the world renowned Architect, Zaha Hadid. During his tenure with Zaha Hadid, Vivek was part of the design team for the following projects:
Guggenheim Museum, Tokyo BMW Event and Delivery Centre, Munich Biopolis Master plan, Singapore Centre for Contemporary Arts, Rome Interiors for Mandarina Duck, London
He started Vivek Shankar Architects in 2004 and has since then designed and delivered landmark projects across various typologies and scales. Vivek Shankar Architects believes in practicing cutting edge design which is enabled by team of skilled designers and engineers equipped with advance designing tools.
We see the relevance of research not just as the first vital step of the design process that lays down a set of parameters but as the thought generator infused with a high degree of intellectual content influencing the design process.
The research phase involves probing into the engineering, material, occupational, environmental and programmatic aspects relevant to the project being designed.
The thought generator infused with a high degree of intellectual content that influences the design process.
Probing into the engineering, material, occupational and programmatic aspects.
The inferences drawn from the research enable the formulation of a design agenda that comprises the amalgamation of site characteristics, climate and budget with the design intent. The client brief is re-imagined and written by us in order to maintain the rigor of the research and translate them into design content.
The design phase largely explores the innovative intervention on the site which is realized through a set of conditions be it structural, geometric explorations, climate responsive measures, generated with software capable of simulating the conditions and perceptions. The production of drawings is generated after gaining absolute clarity on the technical and material aspects of the design. The 3D renders prepared at various stages of the design development enable a holistic reading of the engineering and design aspects.
The amalgamation of the site characteristics, climate & budget with the design intent.
The design phase largely involves the innovative intervention.
The production of drawings required for execution.
We assign a lot of importance to the adherence of instructions mentioned in the drawing along with a high degree of quality control ensured by Project Management and Site Engineers trained to deliver the exacting standards set by Vivek Shankar Architects.
Subsequently the resemblance to the 3D render starts to interestingly translates to physical manifestation of structures and spaces.
Translation of the drawing content to a physical manifestation.
A high degree of quality control ensured by Project Management and Site Engineers trained to deliver.
Interior Design
Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Project Planning
Cost Planning and Control
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